Pretending to be a Model

Hey friends!!

A few days ago I posted on my instastory about wanting to get in contact with some photographers so I can start having better quality pictures on here! Also, I’ve always fantasized about modeling. Anyways.. My friend Demi, ended up contacting me and I told her about my modeling dreams and she gave me a bunch of AZ photographer’s insta accounts that she has done shoots with. Luckily, Demi also wants to explore photography. So, last night we went to Mill Ave. and Zia Record Exchange and she took some cute pictures of me! The whole time, Demi was convinced the pictures would come out bad, but really she managed to get quite a few good ones. I definitely need a little more practice in front of the camera, but it was actually a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again.¬†

Also, this weekend my sorority had our Big/Little reveal. My family is so cute. Demi is actually in my fam too! I’m not really sure how to explain a big, but basically it’s a person in the sorority that is supposed to be your friend and help you out. I’m really happy I got my big :).

It’s been quite the past two weeks filled with exams, papers, homecoming, and sorority stuff, but I’ve loved it all. Being busy is always way more entertaining than doing nothing!

Love you all!!


Emily Kate

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