Phoenix->Vegas->Puerto Peñasco

Over the past week I celebrated my brother’s birthday and my boyfriend’s birthday. It has been quite the exciting week of traveling! For my brother’s birthday my family, his friends, my boyfriend and I headed up to Vegas to celebrate his 21st! 

We arrived in Vegas on Aidan’s (my brother) birthday, a Friday, after a 5 hour drive from Phoenix. For his birthday, my parents got him a cabana at the Encore Beach Club. Of course I couldn’t let him party without me! So, my under 21 self, found my way into that beach club. It was quite the day listening to Diplo DJ, which ended in our group getting kicked out of the beach club. Lol. Even though we got booted out, the day was still a blast. That night, my boyfriend and I were exhausted and only left the room once to get cheeseburgers with my mom and some friends. The next day we explored the strip, ate, and partied. By Sunday, it was time for my boyfriend and I to head back to Phoenix to get some more clothes and drive to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. 

We arrived in Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) around 9 PM that night with my boyfriend’s brother, his fiancé, their cousin, and one of our friends. That night we just went to eat and headed to bed. The next day a few more of our friends arrived and we hungout at the beach. 

Throughout the week, we spent most of our time at the beach and going into town. It was a great time celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday and doing dumb stuff with our friends. I definitely had too much fun getting pulled under by waves and tanning (or burning:/) my skin. 

The past week has been great, but it’s time to get back to reality. I only have a little over a month before I move into my dorm and I still have plenty to do to get ready for it. Maybe I should stop pinning ideas for my room on Pinterest and actually buy some of it!

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Emily Kate

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