My Top 3 Pins of the Week!

Anyone who has a Pinterest account understands my obsession. I look to Pinterest whenever I need some creative ideas or need a bit of inspiration in my life. Even though Pinterest has become “a place for moms,” by word of mouth, it’s really for anyone. Believe it or not, even my boyfriend has a Pinterest account… mostly just so he can pin his favorite pictures of Arianna Grande. He’s probably going to kill me for writing that on here haha. Anyways, I love Pinterest and I know so many of my friends do as well so I decided to post my top 3 favorite pins of the week!

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[I do not own any credit to the following pictures]

  1. This dress is perfect for summer. It’s so simple and airy! Plus… IT’S BRALESS. Seriously though, who really wants to wear a bra in the summer?! Not me. I also love the shoes and purse in this outfit, it all comes together really well! {}
  2. This outfit seems perfect for a business woman on her day off… Or for any fashion driven woman. I love everything about this. The suede cami with slacks and the skinny belt makes my heart melt. {}IMG_2767
  3. I feel like I go through phases between chic and boho.. this outfit combines the two so well. This dress seems so summery and fun. The perfect outfit for daytime festivities! {}IMG_2771If you would like to see more of what I pin throughout the week, be sure to follow me!

I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did! I got to be part of a proposal. One of Elektro Academy’s directors and my boyfriend’s brother, Nico, proposed to his girlfriend and we all got to be part of it! If you would like to see how it all went down, check the video out! {click here}

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