My First Fall Outfit of the Year.

Last night, I finally decided I needed to do something for my blog. So, I put together a cute fall outfit that would be perfect for a chill-boho-chic chick. For me, Fall means flannels and booties. So, I tied together the two with some ripped boyfriend jeans and a black crop top. I also threw in the necklace to give the look a more edgy vibe. All together, I think this outfit is perfect for Fall. 

Over the past few weeks, I have been adjusting to ASU. So far, it has been great and the weather is FINALLY starting to cool down. Besides that, I am so done with bikers and skateboarders. On campus, I am a million times more likely to get hit by a biker or a skateboarder than an actual car. People are total jerks when they’re in a hurry to get to class. Speaking of class, I still sit alone for the most part because I some how don’t know anyone out of the 300 students in my lectures. In my math class, I got unusually excited when the gay kid in our class sat next to me. I think I was trying too hard to spark conversation because he didn’t even say bye to me when class ended. I know, I’m so embarrassing. I don’t even try very hard to make friends with the girls in my classes because they already don’t even acknowledge me. The other day, I was surrounded by girls and they were all asking each other which sorority they were in and none of them even cared to ask me. I must apparently not look like a sorority girl, but guess what?! I am one. I recently took a bid from Sigma Kappa. Luckily, none of the girls I’ve met so far in my sorority are as unwelcoming as those girls in my classes. I actually chose Sigma Kappa because they seemed the most real and they were definitely the most diverse, in my eyes.

I’m sure as the year goes on I will have some more embarrassing stories about me trying to make friends to tell you all. Until then, I hope you all are fashionably inspired by my outfit and maybe got a giggle out of my embarrassing life. Lol. 


Emily Kate

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