My Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Experience:

Nordstrom’s normal pre-sale for their anniversary starts tomorrow…  But luckily my mom has made her ranks in Nordstrom over the years so we got early access to the pre-sale. After spending 6 1/2 hours in one store with a small break to get lunch at Neiman Marcus, it takes a toll on your body. Right now my back and feet are aching, but it was all worth it. The sale was great! 

At first we weren’t seeing all that great of stuff. The bags and shoes were probably the most “not so amazing” part of the sale. In my opinion, they could’ve done better! Once we got to the jewelry section, the sale adrenaline started kicking in. They have some really great deals in the jewelry area, but I didn’t see anything I was in need of. I also saw a few nice packages in the makeup section, but I once again left the area with nothing in my bag. Finally, we got to my favorite part… Clothes. There was so many awesome things on sale in all of the clothing tents! Honestly, I think the deals were really great. I get excited now just thinking about all the amazing clothes I got. Thankfully, my mom and I had Tara Aaron (a person stylist at Scottsdale Nordstrom) to guide us to the best of the sale! I came home with some really really cute outfits. A lot of it is Fall clothing, but I love it all so much I’m probably going  wear it all before Fall even starts. And let’s be real.. Fall doesn’t even exist in Arizona! Speaking of “Fall,” I start school in the Fall and that’s why going into the home section of the sale was one of the most exciting parts of my day. I ended up getting a duvet, a pillow, and a throw! Buying all of this stuff for college is making me so ready for it to begin! I’ll be sure to make my dorm room tour Pinterest worthy! Lol. Until then,enjoy some sneak-peak pictures of my favorite items I got at the sale. 

Happy shopping everyone! 


Emily Kate

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