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Happy blog Monday everyone!! This week, I thought I would share with all of you my first ever “mood board” or aka a “style board” or aka “shit I cut out of some fashion magazines and glued to a paper.” 

As many of you know, I go to Arizona State University! This semester I decided to get involved in a club called Business of Fashion. So far we have only had two meetings, but I can already tell this was a great decision. This last meeting, we recapped NYFW. This NYFW was full of SO much I stand for and all of it was amazing (except kanye’s line.. someone pls tell this man to stop trying to be a designer.)! Anyways… after watching some of my favorite designers shows we made mood boards! This was my first time ever making one and I think it came out great! Even though I hate Michael Kor’s retail line, I have to admit the high fashion stuff is great so I decided to add some of it to my board! Of course I had to have some Alexander McQueen because he’s the King of Fashion and I love him so much. The rest of the board is just some random things I found in Vogue and Nylon Magazine! Had to add some amazing editorial makeup to it too because I am obsessed with editorial makeup lately. I have been planning on doing some really cool things to expand on my editorial skills! 

Anyways, hope you all have had a great week and I hope this next week is just as great! 

Love you all!! 



Emily Kate

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