Instagram Just Got Way More Difficult

Hello ladies and gents!

I’m back from LA and trying to get back to normal life (whatever that means)! Since I’ve been back I’ve been none stop working and trying to optimize this blog as much as I can. Unfortunately, my blog suffered from “THE WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH” right after I posted last week’s post. After a 45 minute conversation with a support service person, we came to the conclusion that there was no fixing this scary error and that we would have to send this problem up to the big dogs of the company to fix it. It did cost $50 for that service, but totally worth it when I realized it was my only option.

Anyways, during the two days I was forced to be offline on my blog, I was reading up on this new Instagram algorithm thing that has influencers totally freaking out. From what I have read, Instagram is making it nearly impossible to get new organic likes/followers. Basically, if you aren’t already a big name on Instagram, you are going to have to spend a little more extra time trying to get likes/followers.

The best way I have gotten people to view my profile with this new algorithm is by posting on my InstaStory as much as possible. The more you post on your story, the more people will see your name. Unfortunately, this tactic probably won’t help you get new people viewing your profile.

So, how are we supposed to get attention now?? Well, with the new algorithm, the more engagement you get on your posts the more people the algorithm will show your posts to. To get that engagement, you will need to throw giveaways. Giveaways are efficiently done by requiring people to tag multiple friends and requiring them to be following you. Honestly, the more value your giveaway has, the more engagement you will get.

Another way to get more engagement is by creating a group message with Instagram profiles similar to yours. In the group message, you would all like each other’s new posts and comment on them to help each other get noticed. The more comments and likes you are getting on posts, the more the algorithm will show your posts to other people. Honestly, this option is kind of like a cheat, but hey maybe you’ll gain some new friends by doing this!

I’m sure if you google: how do I cheat the new instagram algorithm?, you will probably get quite a few articles similar to this one. I really do recommend you do that because not all of you have the same Instagram profile as me and you have a different audience you are trying to engage with. Research is going to be your best friend if you want to figure your way around this new algorithm. It totally sucks, but definitely doesn’t suck nearly as bad as Snapchat’s newest update lol…

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