I have something to admit…

I don’t wear bras! Or at least I rarely wear bras… I’ve noticed that towards the end of my high school career and now being out of high school the amount of times I wear a bra is far lower than the amount of times I go out without one. I think once I got over all the fun of getting boobs from puberty and always wanting to be a cup size bigger than my friends I realized bras suck. I remember being a little girl and thinking about how cool I’d be once I got to wear bras. I wish I could go back to my little self and say how stupid and uncomfortable bras are. They are definitely not something to look forward to. Now that I have ditched bras I feel like I actually accept and love my chest so much more! Believe me I do know there are times to wear bras like when I go to dance or if I’m wearing a shirt that just doesn’t look right without one. By now I think my roommates have finally realized that I will probably never wear a bra to the dining hall. I’m not saying the #freethetitties lifestyle is for everyone, but it is for me! And if you want to try it, do it! It’s become such an acceptable thing in today’s society and it’s actually pretty trendy right now with all of the beautiful bralettes on the market! I know you’re all thinking bralettes are only for small chested women and I agree to an extent as well because I can’t buy any bralettes from Urban Outfitters that actually fit my band size (small) and cup size(C sometimes D), but I do know there are a lot of others that do fit me from other brands (Calvin Klein, Victoria Secret, Nordstrom, etc.)! Explore your options and find a brand that works best for you and your chest! I think the biggest thing that goes with going bra-less is having the confidence to do it. I used to be really self conscious about how I looked doing it, but now it’s become a normal thing for me. I also encourage you all to do some research about the benefits of going bra-less! Fun-fact: your titties are not going to become 90 year old sag tits just because you’re going bra-less, it’s actually been seen to make them more perky! It actually makes you grow more chest muscles!! 

Wearing a bra or not wearing a bra is definitely a personal decision! It’s your #boobies so do what YOU want with them!! 

#freethetitties #boobies 

(That’s too fun to not write I’m sorry lol) 

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Emily Kate 

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  1. Excellent post Em!
    Loved it!
    If I could leave the house without a bra I sure would. The occasional t shirt no bra under a sweatshirt is the only way I could get out without one. I think I’m like most of the women in our family that whips off the bra as I get back home. Set them babies FREE, lol,lol.
    My awesome cousin and your aunt showed me that if we need to wear one it should be one that fits properly. Getting fitted for a bra at 45 yrs old I actually realized they can be comfortable but I still love having that free feeling when I’m home and comfy. I give ya lots of props for being so confident and secure with your body to be able to do either way in public. Your a beautiful young lady and your living life the way you want to. Love your post girl, keep em coming.
    Your site and theme are awesome.

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