How did I choose my blog name??

This may just very well be the lamest story any person has ever heard..

Throughout my life, I have been given many nicknames. People used to try to call me (E)M’n'(E)M (or Eminem), which I hated because any time someone would get me candy, they would get me M&M’s. I HATE M&M’s. Luckily, I rarely get called that anymore and there was no way I was going to let that be my blog name. Then, there’s the great nickname my mom has always loved calling me: Kitty. I hate that I actually respond to her when she says Kitty because sometimes she’s literally talking to our cat. There was no way in hell my blog name was going to be Kitty. Picture yourself typing…. Does that not make you feel like you’re about to enter a porno website?? Well it does to me. So, what was I left with? My name. Just simply Emily. Well that’s boring. How did I spice up my name? I went to the internet and searched adjectives that rhyme with Emily. Creative..I know. It took me about five minutes to find the word acceptably. It flowed sooo well and I was like yay! I found a word that would make me seem cool! Lol! At the time, I didn’t even realize how much the word worked for me. Starting this blog meant I was going to be branding my life. I am a very accepting person and that’s something I take pride in. I want this blog to be known for my stupid stories and my fashion and life advice. This is an accepting place for accepting people! I am acceptablyemily. I hope you all love this blog as much as I do. Love you all! 

Look at these beautiful flowers my mom sent me and this book my aunt and uncle sent me!


Emily Kate

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