Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I have been so excited to share these photos with all of you. This shoot was so much fun. It was a collab between three models: @demibang @valeriedabomb, myself, a stylist: @francesca.authentica, an assistant photographer: @refined_imagephoto, and a photographer: @shots_by_angie. Those are all of their @s for instragram! Definitely check out their pages! They are amazing! 

For this Valentine’s day I actually have a Valentine and that is so exciting to me even though I couldn’t buy anything special for him. When theres only about $5 in your account you gotta get creative. So, I went with what I do best.. I wrote something for him. Love letters are such a perfect way to show your loved one some love. He is also a huge romantic so I know he will love it. I think sometimes everybody gets caught up in the idea that you have to do huge things for Valentine’s Day and buy all sorts of gifts for your partner, but really this is a day to show your loved ones how much you love them and love isn’t received through price tags.

I hope you all have a fantastic V-Day with your lover, your galpals, yourself, or even your dog. Make the most out of this wonderful night everyone!


Emily Kate

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